What is the Mesolift treatment?

Mesolift Facial RejuvenationMESOLIFT is a non-invasive novel technique for facial rejuvenation without surgery which gives the skin more radiance, hydration, tone and firmness, in a simple and natural way. Prevents sagging skin, protects against free radicals and reduces the appearance of unpleasant wrinkles.

Mesolift consists of various advanced techniques that are combined together with other treatments for facial remodeling without surgery.

MESOLIFT is a cocktail of Stem Cells, Plasma Gel, Antioxidants that ensure a potent facial bio estimulation and anti-aging effect giving the face freshness and luminosity.

This comprehensive rejuvenation process is able to recover and repair aged skin damaged by the effects of the sun or other external agents.

It is a unique non-surgical treatment that produces a real rejuvenation of the skin, produces significant levels of activity, returning patients a smooth skin without blemishes or scars (especially those caused by acne) and wrinkles.

The main problems of aging include skin dehydration and staining due to the constant contact with air, light and exposure to the sun. Key objective of Mesolift is rehydration, to regain its former sking texture. In just 15 days a real rejuvenation takes place.


The treatment is based on three concepts:

  • Correction of the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis damaged by atmospheric elements, poor diet, toxic habits, through exfoliation, hydration and regeneration.
  • Skin retraction.
  • Dermis regeneration, increase of colagen and elastin producing a thicker substance in this layer.

Is apt for all ages and various types of pathologies like hiperqueratosis and acne you can start as soon as the first signs of aging start to appear. The results of the treatment are:

  • Stops the signs of aging due to its potent antioxidant effect.
  • Increase sythesis of collagen and hialuronic acid.
  • Restores vitality, luminosity and hydtration of the skin.
  • Improves vascular flow stimulating and increasing the smoothness and appearance of the skin.
  • Recovers the elastic consistency of the skin.
  • Increases the thickness of the skin.

Gallery of Cases

Here we show a few photos of real patients without Photoshop touches with the before and after results. Very few medical aesthetic centers will show this, the results are visible some faces are covered to protect the patient identity.

  • mesolift_acne1
  • mesolift_ama
  • mesolift_facial1
  • mesolift_facial2
  • mesolift_facial3
  • mesolift_menton
  • mesolift_menton2
  • mesolift_nasogeniano1
  • mesolift_prpfacial
  • mesolift_prpfacial2
  • mesolift_prpfacial3


This varies with each patient but in general the results last 8 months to 2 years. Beyond this period you can do retouches to endure longer the results.

This varies with each patient, age, type of skin, etc. In general it is needed 2 to 3 sessions to obtain the desired results.

There are micro injections (mesotherapy) which can cause minimal discomfort. These are needed to correct and profile the imperfections of the face such as lines of expression, nasogenic line, wrinkles, etc.

These activate the vascularization and act primarily on fibroblasts resulting in increased hydration, elasticity, tone and improved skin appearance. Cell regeneration is activated, collagen is produced.

Any area of the skin that has problems. For the Mesolift case the treatment is focused on face, neck, chest and hands.